Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What the H...

We are just sitting here watching the way old cartoons of Mickey Mouse and Donald accidentally drives into a tree and what does Connor Say..."Oh Shiiiiia" I know my language isn't always the best and when I'm about to swear I try to control it like when I'm driving and trying to hand Connor his juice cup and next thing you know we're in the other lane. I lots of time say "oh Shista" Mike says that is still swearing but I disagree. Anyways my new goal is to not even come close to swearing cause little ears are always listening.

New Car

We are getting a new car this April, I'm so excited! My dream car is the Range Rover but Mike said NO! Life is so unfair. Our new car has to have a 3rd row, leather, dual climate, and a dvd player. So any suggestions? I swore to myself I would never drive a mini van but they are kinda growing on me, but it would totally have to be pimped out like tinted windows and it would have to be black so I can be somewhat cool. We also like the Honda Pilot or the Toyota Highlander.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera

If you know me well then you know I'm obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera. Last night Mike took me to the show at the Venetian. I loved it. He also forked out the cash for the good seats, so when the chandelier fell we were right under it. And were were so close to the stage we could totally see everything. It was wonderful. Thanks babe. So if any of you want to go see I will watch your kids because everybody needs to see it. Thanks to Shauna for watching our boys.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Kisser

At the Richards' household Valentines day was another holiday. In the morning we would wake up to find treasures at the foot of our bed. When we were little I remember getting jewelry boxes, then as we got older we got jewelry I remember getting a pair of diamond earrings (I'm hoping they were fake cause I don't know where they are). Then when I was at college I got big packages with food and candy one year I got a new flat iron. These gifts were from the Valentine Kisser! This year the boys got new bath toys. I'm to lazy to take a picture but they were excited to wake up and find toys. (more connor than chase) I love this tradition.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I love Mike's family and think they are all really intelligent. This is one his brothers points of view.
I have listened a little bit to a few of the yak shows on TV. I don't think I can take Hillary or Obama in the White House. It will do us no good no matter what Rush says. Internationally they will be able to do a lot of damage with how they would run the State, Defense & CIA Dept and much of that will not be able to be corrected easily in 2012. We do not need a 4 year democratic witch hunt with a Dem in the White House sacking the Iraq war effort. McCain would will not damage the war effort and we all know that he will not last for 8 years. Social issues can wait for 4 years. Romney will still have an excellent chance in 2012 after 4 years of McCain and be in a better position to be successful. Remember he will inherit what a Hillary or Obama would leave and have to deal with it. Why make the toughest job in the world next to impossible for Romney to turn around in the 4 short years before he would be up for re-election? If there are still primary's out there vote for Romney but a vote for Romney in the General is a vote for Hillary/Obama. Romney said in his CPAC speech that there was much he didn't agree with McCain on but the war was not one of them. It was the reason he stated for suspending his campain. He trusted McCain with the war effort. We can still win in Iraq with 4 more years of a President committed to win. We will lose 7 years of blood, gold and an untold number of personal sacrifices made by US troops AND their families if Hillary or Obama pull the troops the first of '09. That kind of defeat will not go away anytime soon. Romney will never get a chance to finish it over there. Once we pull out we'll never go back. Reading the Book of Mormon lately has really made me think about the God given right for Freedom & Liberty. There is a lot at stake - more than politics with how things go in Iraq. Look at the growth the church has had in the far east - It can happen in the middle east as well. They need Freedom and as a Country we have sacrificed way to much to walk away from an unfinished job and leave all of those people the way we left Vietnam. Go McCain!
I love hearing what other people think so leave a comment on your views of this.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I hate McCain

O.K. after a lot of research on and this morning and after listening to the Roe's vent about the candidates. I have decided they are absolutely right about McCain. He is not conservative. And after what happened in W. Virginia I am outraged with these so called republicans who will do anything to keep a mormon out of the white house so...if Romney cannot pull through and if McCain is the republican choice I am going left. Yes you heard me right, I will not vote for him. So I'm hoping Hillary can pull through. I know alot of you don't agree with me about her but I think she is one million times better than Obama, and more conservative than McCain.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Happy Birthday Babe! I love this picture of you or maybe I'm just used to seeing you with a coke in hand. 28 today.