Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I liked this picture cause it looks someone just took it at church!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Terrible Two Year Old!!!!!!!

So today Connor was acting so bad that he was sent to his room, he screamed, cried and yelled then it went silent I thought he fell asleep. So I went and checked on him he was sitting up with a big grin. He said he was sorry for acting bad. Then during one of my lessons he started acting up again so I put him in his room again hoping he would take a nap. After about 10min of screaming he fell asleep...but when he woke up what did I find...his boarder ripped off. I know, I know boarders are kind of 90's ish but I thought this one was really cute and he loves cars and he would lie in bed and just stare at the cars. I am so mad! I'm not fixing it til we have to move or something like that. He's just lucky he's so stinkin cute or else he'd be pickin coffee beans in Mexico!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Our Christmas was great. I don't feel like uplaoding the picutres, but it was wonderful. Mike went skiing and snowboarding. Connor got the bike he always wanted. Chase got a carseat. I had so much fun being with family and friends. I love Utah and hope someday soon to return/live there. We all came home sick though. We all have little colds. Chase is the worst and on the 21st he is going to get tubes put in his ears cause he has had an infection for 3months. For New Year's we went to a party at the Patrick's...too much good food and lots of fun. We are having a hard time readjusting to normal life. Mike went back to work today and I feel a little lonely. This sunday I start my new calling which is ward chorister! Funny huh? I can picture it now me on the stand bright red trying not to laugh leading the congregation in song. AHH! I've never lead before so this should be interesting. Next week I start piano lessons again and Anthropologie so good luck to us. Hope you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!